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Pontus from ali demirel on Vimeo.

The word ”Pontus” means deep sea. He was the child of the mother nature

Filmed in Blacksea Region

The Last of Us Theme- Gustavo Santalolla

Voice Over
Kendi masalım - Nurdoğan Abaşişi

Aslı Akkoç

Ali Demirel

Director of Photographer
Firar Guney Kayran

Shot with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and Zeiss Lenses

This is a school project

Kosmonauta from Mirjam Veske on Vimeo.

Music by Ólafur Arnalds - “Out To Sea”

Sébastien Tellier - Look from Record Makers on Vimeo.

Exclusive music video, downloadable for free for iPhone on

Directed by Mrzyk & Moriceau

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Deerhunter - VHS Dream from Mehdi D. Margolin on Vimeo.

directed by maphée madixx - 2009

from microcastle/weird era continued available on

Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? from David Wilson on Vimeo.

Music by Arctic Monkeys

Directed by David Wilson
Production Company - Colonel Blimp

Exec. Producer - Tamsin Glasson
Produced by Monica Domanska and Julie Crosbie

Illustration and Head on Animation - Jonathan Harris

2D Animators - Sean Buckelew, Sean Weston, Frankie Swan, Tom Bunker, Jonathan Harris, Linda Kalcov, Nicos Livesey, Ying-­Ping Mak, Blanca Martinez de Rituerto, Joe Sparrow

2D Animation Assistants - Elisa Ciocca, Morgan Faverty, Duncan Gist, Richard Henley, James Lancett, Leandro Santini

Oscilloscope/Maya Animators - Alex Grigg, Patrick Hearn, Simone Tartaglia, Jasper Parker Trenfield

Compositor - Thomas Ormonde

Special thanks to Josephine Gallagher, Simone Ghilardotti, Harry Barber, Christy Karacas , Kirsten Lepore and Tom Brown

Commissioned by Jonny Bradshaw at Domino Records

What’s on your mind? from Shaun Higton on Vimeo.

Facebook can be depressing because everyone else’s lives are better than yours… But are they really?

Shaped by Time from Enrique Pacheco on Vimeo.

"Shaped by Time" is a time-lapse film that explore the power of nature trough the erosion of the different landscapes shown on the film. During thousands of years, the wind, the eruptions, the rain, the frost and the water of the rivers, have shaped this wonderful landscapes, going beyond the natural and becoming art work of monumental proportions.

For licensing this footage please contact the media department:
Music by Péter Nanasi:

Shot with Sony A99 - Sony A7 and Zeiss lenses by Sony Spain.
Motorized Slider by

If you want to learn how to make time-lapse movies like this, you might want to check my upcoming workshops:


"Shaped by Time" es un corto realizado con la técnica de time-lapse, que explora el poder de la naturaleza a través de la erosión que esta produce en los diferentes paisajes que aparecen en dicha película. Durante miles de años, el viento, las erupciones, la lluvia, las heladas y el agua de los ríos, han dado forma a estos maravillosos paisajes, transcendiendo lo natural, y convirtiéndolos en autenticas obras de arte de proporciones monumentales.

Foster The People “Pseudologia Fantastica” from Foster The People on Vimeo.

From Foster The People’s new album ‘Supermodel.’
Download ‘Supermodel’ on iTunes:

Concept and Direction by Mark Foster
Additional Direction and Animation by Hannes/Johannes

Tame Impala - Mind Mischief from David Wilson on Vimeo.

Music by Tame Impala

Director: David Wilson
Animation Direction: David Wilson and Thomas Ormonde
EP: Tamsin Glasson
Producer: Julie Crosbie

Production Manager: Drew O’Neill
Casting: Anna Kennedy and Alec Drysdale
Schoolboy: Bill Milner
School Teacher: Liza Callinicos
Male Teacher: Andrew Docker
Schoolboy: Jake de la Mothe, Joshua Charles, Hugh Lovric, Laurence Montagu, Seb Luke-Virgo, Imran Mair, George Kirchner, Jack Kirkwood, James Welsh, Nima Bazcar, JJ Tominey, Stephen Rawson, Tim Walton

DP: Pau Castejon
1st AD: Paul Bennett
2nd AD: James Evered
Location Manager: Stephen Sanchez
Focus Puller: Fran Weston
Loader: Jenny John-Chuan
Grip: Ben Freeman
Gaffer: Jonathan Spencer
Electrician: Jason Martin, Oliver Poole, Lee Martin

Art Director: Laura Johnstone
Art Dept: Jack Johnstone, Luke Judlin, Cassia Dickinson, Susie Gaydos
Wardrobe: Natalie Marie Willis
School Emblem designed by Alex Trochut
Hair & Makeup: Anna Thompson

Runners: Natalia Maus, Jack Glossop

Editor: James Rose at Cut and Run

Lead Animator: Jonathan Harris
Illustrator: Andres Guzman
Flash Animators: Michael Zauner, Matt Lloyd, Frankie Swan, Alice Dupre, Sarah Beeby, Ella McLean, Tom Brown, Jack Nelson, Patrick Koduah, David Wilson, Thomas Matuszewski, Tom Bunker
Colourists: Stefan Georgiou, Rezvan Abbaspour, Jamie Fraser, Claire Ritchie, Maria Cecilia, Emmy Castelain, Katy Beveridge, Jessie May Peters, Emma-Rose Dade, Janna Lundius, Steve Shaw, Dele Nuga, Julie Crosbie
3D Previs: Simone Ghilardotti
Ink Footage: James Lowrey
Compositing: Thomas Ormonde, Simone Ghilardotti

Sound Mixer: Ben Gulvin at 750mph

Grade: James Bamford at The Mill

Commissioner: Glen Goetze at Modular Records

Special thanks to Jess Reese for loaning her 2CV, Barnaby Laws at Panalux and Chris Youlton at ARRI

Adult Swim | Neon Indian from lilfuchs on Vimeo.

Client: Adult Swim

Directed by lilfuchs
Production: turner studios
2d Animation: lilfuchs, Sam Leyja, Eric Minkin, Bryan Capik, Dino Fritz
Backgrounds: Dan Golden, Dawud Anyabwile
Music: Neon Indian
Song: Fallout

FMK / Launch Film from Matthew Wilcock on Vimeo.


"FMK Film, an assembly of seven concentrated film snippets that deconstruct and expand the logic, beauty and anguish trapped within each track of the 7 tracks on Matthew Wilcock’s debut EP, FMK / Floating Metal Key."

Directed By
Dan Kokotajlo / /

Dan Kokotajlo
Matthew Wilcock

Art Direction Concept
Tony Zagoraios /

Scene One / FMK

Patryk “Ener” Enerlich
Adrian “Koza” Kozanecki
Samuel Stephenson

Scene Two / Brittle Metal Press

2D Comp / Motion
Samuel Stephenson

Scene Three / Tokyo Shibuya + Aida Makoto

CG, Art Direction, VFX Supervisor
Sawoozer Wang

Lance Ni
Juin Chang
Sylvia Chen
Jyouanmi Chen
Ric Hung
Tom Yi

Scene Four / Space Pedal Pace

Art Direction, Motion Graphics, 3D.
Nico ‘Neekoe’ Bolacha /

Scene Five / Battery Snap

3D, VFX, Art Direction.
Nick Hill /

Design, Motion Graphics
Ryan Rafferty-Phelan /

Scene Six / As I Lay Dying

CG, Art Direction, VFX Supervisor
Sawoozer Wang

Lance Ni
Juin Chang
Sylvia Chen
Jyouanmi Chen
Ric Hung
Tom Yi

Scene Seven / Bent Dead

3D, VFX, Art Direction.
Nick Hill
Patryk “Ener” Enerlich
Adrian “Koza” Kozanecki

Ric Hung
Tom Yi

/ 13 Studio /
Walt Wang

Additional 3D
Patrick R. Gschwind
Costas Fatsis

Concept Composite
Candyshop VFX

Thanks To
Nejc Polovšak /
Kate Mulcahy
Rich Nosworthy /

Penicillin Films 2014

View from the ISS at Night from Knate Myers on Vimeo.

Every frame in this video is a photograph taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS).
I created this timelapse on a long weekend after discovering the image library online. I used Photoshop and Sony Vegas to edit and compile the footage.
The music is a track from one of my favorite sci-fi movies, Sunshine. I thought the music and imagery would fit well together.

*** Thank you all for likes,comments, shares and support this video has received. I’m truly glad so many have enjoyed it.***

You can view my other work and see my other projects here:

Music by John Murphy - Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor)
Performed by the City Of Prague Philharmonic

Image Courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory,
NASA Johnson Space Center, The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth